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Independent Public Agencies
The Royal Institute
Bureau of the Royal Household
Bureau of the Crown Property
Office of the Commissioner-General, Royal Thai Police
Office of the Attorney General
Office of the Auditor-General of Thailand
The Secretariat of the House of Representatives
The Secretariat of the Senate
Bank of Thailand
Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (B.M.A.) City Hall
Office of the Election Commission of Thailand
The Constitution Court
Office of the Administrative Court
Office of the National Counter Corruption Commission
Anti Money Laundering Office
Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board
The Judiciary of Thailand
The Supreme Court
Office of the Chief Judge of Region II
Office of the Chief Judge of Region III
Office of the Chief Judge of Region IV
Office of the Chief Judge of Region V
Office of the Chief Judge of Region VI
Office of the Chief Judge of Region VII
Office of the Chief Judge of Region VIII
Office of the Chief Judge of Region IX
Office of the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand
The National research Council of Thailand
The Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission
Office of the Prime Minister
The Secretariat of the Cabinet
The Secretariat of the Office of the Prime Minister
The Bureau of the Budget
Office of the National Security Council
Office of the Consumer Protection Board
Office of the Council of State
Office of the Civil Service Commission
Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board
National Intelligence Agency
Ministry of Defence
Supreme Command Headquarters
Royal Thai Army
Royal Thai Navy
Royal Thai Air Force
Royal Aide-de-Camp Department
Ministry of Finance
Fiscal Policy Office
The Treasury Department
The Comptroller - General's Department
The Customs Department
The Excise Department
The Revenue Department
Public Debt Management Office
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Department of Consular Affairs
Department of Treaties and Legal Affairs
Royal Thai Embassies, Royal Thai Consulates and Missions
Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency
Ministry of Tourism and Sports
Office of sports and Recreation Development
Office of Tourism Development
Ministry of Social Development and Human Security
Department of Social Development and Welfare
Office of Women's Affairs and Family Development
Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives
The Royal Irrigation Department
Department of Cooperative Auditing
Department of Fisheries
Department of Livestock Development
Royal Forest Department
Department of Agriculture
Department of Agriculture Extension
Ministry of Transport and Communications
The Department of Land Transport
The Department of Highways
Marine Department
The Department of Aviation
Department of Rural Roads
Office of Transport and Traffic policy and planning
Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment
Department of Mineral Resources
Pollution Control Department
Department of Water Resources
Department of Groundwater Resources
Department of Environmental Quality Promotion
National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department
Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning
Ministry of Information and Communication Technology
The Post and Telegraph Department
The Meteorological Department
National Statistical Office
Ministry of Energy
Department of Mineral Fuels
Department of Energy Business
Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency
Energy Policy and Planning Office
Ministry of Commerce
Department of Foreign Trade
Department of Internal Trade
Department of Business Economics
Department of Export Promotion
Department of Insurance
Department of Intellectual Property
Department of Trade Negotiations
Ministry of Interior
Department of Provincial Administration
The Community Development Department
Department of Lands
Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
Department of Public Works and Town and Country Planning
Department of Local Administration
Ministry of Justice
Legal Execution Department
Department of Probation
Office of the Narcotics Control Board
Department of Corrections
Department of Youth Observation and Protection
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